Clive Trussell - 11/02/2018

Brexit - it’s personal, and emotional.

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Letter 1

I know this letter (below)is a bit long, but I think just comes within your limit- I hope.

As you may see at the end of it I mention seven emotions, that I feel deeply, about the situation.

Obviously to explain them would take a very long letter. 

I hope to explain the reasons for each of the seven over – perhaps a couple of letters of around 300-ish words.

I know a lot of people feel similar to me, so I hope you can find some way to include them in your Letters page.

Thanks for your time- Merry Christmas!.


Brexit - it’s personal - and emotional.

My heart really sinks when I hear “Britain is leaving the European Union”.

The Tories, selfishly, called the vote to stop their own right-to-rule “little islanders” defecting to the fear and media driven, near-nationalist UKIPers. They assumed a “knowledgeable” public would vote to remain; forgetting the insidious power a certain wealthy elite has on some of the uncritical public. They have spent decades, using their media, instilling readers with an anti-EU opinion. With insulting remarks like: “Up Yours Delors” and “Frogs” and “Krauts”; magnifying any immigration story; ridiculing rules designed to help us trade; going on about how we won “The War”; using the: “Us” (superior) and “Them” (inferior) rhetoric to separate us from “Johnny foreigner”. No EU positives are ever mentioned and all “negative” EU information (usually untrue) is amplified. This, like all propaganda, takes place below conscious control- now many are completely conditioned (Fear overrides facts). They have created a feeling of E.U. paranoia and hate so strong, that it- as shown throughout history- can drive some to threaten and commit violence on good people.

After making people believe that the EU was the cause of all problems, it was easy to persuade them that leaving the E.U. would end everyone’s problems. Then the arrogant brexiteers just had to make false promises of a future of nostalgic utopia; acting like a political party- but with no manifesto or accountability!

There were heart-felt reasons to vote leave. But, it’s our governments (not the EU) that are responsible for the main reason- immigration; allowing it to become a tool for fear, blame and nationalism. Powers were available to lower immigration-and cater for it. Both Labour and the Tories failed miserably by not addressing the concern of a growing minority over many years.

No one has any idea of what leaving really means. Therefore, voters could not have known the full consequences of their actions. We are losing much more than the single market and the customs union- although that’s bad enough!  But we blindly carry on, creating division, isolation and confrontation. Also, why risk the prosperity, security, stability and reputation of this country- on a wing and a prayer?

It may be incomprehensible for “leavers” to hear me say such words as: I feel angry, trapped, lost, embarrassed, sad- even ashamed and disgusted! But to explain each of these will take more letters.


Reproduced with kind permission from Clive Trussell, contributor to 'The 48%' group on Facebook.
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