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The Brexit Dividend That Never Was

Many were misled into voting Leave on the promise of a Brexit Dividend that never existed.

Cliff Mitchell Read...

Send in the Clowns

Despite dreaming and scheming for Brexit for 25 years they still cannot agree what they think Brexit should mean or which they dare articulate in public.

Professor Chris Grey Read...

Another journey round the Brexit loop

A FTA has always been on offer from the EU without any need for threats; the stumbling block throughout has been Britain not wanting this, but rather a form of agreement that violates its own red lines as well as those of the EU.

Professor Chris Grey Read...

You are right to be angry - so let's work together to make this a better country.

Let’s put the wasteful distraction of Brexit behind us and work together, not as Brexiteers or Remainers but as citizens of the United Kingdom to make this a better country.

Cliff Mitchell Read...

A List of Countries the U.K. has Free Trade Agreements and Preferential Trading Agreements with as a member of the E.U.

Next time somebody is trying to tell you that remaining in the EU is an insular way of seeing things and that leaving the EU somehow allows us to ‘make our own trade deals and trade with the rest of the world’, you might like to show them this!

The British Umpire Read...

Why am I still fighting Brexit more than two years later?

Brexit is an untested and incoherent mix of opposing ideologies. Brexit is a return to Enoch Powell, to the taunting of black footballers in the 70s, to a mythical plucky little England rather than today's Great Britain, to the idea that somehow the British working classes have been stitched up by u

James Bonallack Read...

Your elected MP owes you their judgment!

The duty of your MP is not simply to communicate the wishes of the electorate but also to use their own judgment.

Cliff Mitchell Read...

Chequers agreement: medium Brexit?

None of this is remotely worth doing, and if it was worth doing it would have been better to have arrived at this proposal before embarking on Article 50.

Professor Chris Grey Read...

Reaping what has been sown

This is the latest of the endless contortions which reflect the fundamental structural paradox of Brexit: that it must be done and yet it must not be done.

Professor Chris Grey Read...

There is no Brexit Dividend.

Public finances are already £440 million a week worse off!

Cliff Mitchell Read...
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