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Britain in Wonderland: wipe out British manfucturing and farming - it's what people voted for!

The idea that trading on WTO terms would open up new markets and make up for this loss is optimistic, verging on the mad.

Cliff Mitchell Read...

Boris Johnson - the view from the EU

A scandal-proof serial promise-breaker whose arrival at No 10 would be “a calamity for his country and for Europe”.

Cliff Mitchell Read...

Jeremy Corbyn's letter to Theres May - capitulation or clever politics?

Corbyn's letter to the Prime Minister in full

Cliff Mitchell Read...

Take back control!

A key mantra from Brexiteers is that we must leave the EU in order to take back control of our money, our laws, and our borders. But is this actually true?

Cliff Mitchell, OurEU.UK Read...

It is the wound in Time

History might as well be water, chastising this shore; for we learn nothing from your endless sacrifice.

Carol Ann Duffy, 2018 Read...

The new opposition?

We can’t stop it. The referendum took place. Article 50 has been triggered - Jeremy Corbyn

Cliff Mitchell Read...

Taking back control.

May's strategy seems to be to leave admitting the truth until it's too late. Then what?

John Handford Read...

The Brexit Dividend That Never Was

Many were misled into voting Leave on the promise of a Brexit Dividend that never existed.

Cliff Mitchell Read...

Send in the Clowns

Despite dreaming and scheming for Brexit for 25 years they still cannot agree what they think Brexit should mean or which they dare articulate in public.

Professor Chris Grey Read...

Another journey round the Brexit loop

A FTA has always been on offer from the EU without any need for threats; the stumbling block throughout has been Britain not wanting this, but rather a form of agreement that violates its own red lines as well as those of the EU.

Professor Chris Grey Read...
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