Clive Trussell - 11/02/2018

Brexit, it’s emotional - 2.

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Letter 2


Happy New Year to you all.

Thanks for including my last letter. I did mention that it would take more than one letter to explain my reasons for such emotions.

I don't know if it is possible to include it showing that it is a continuation? Thanks anyway.


Brexit, it’s emotional.

Continued from last letter:

“It may be incomprehensible for “brexiters” to hear me say such words as: I feel lost, trapped, sad, embarrassed- even ashamed and disgusted!”


LOST: as I feel that I am in the wrong country. I thought this was an outward and forward-looking, welcoming, friendly place- seeing variety as the spice of life and originality.

Instead I’m TRAPPED where the paranoid, right-wing Brexit “us & them” mentalities feel free to vent their arrogant, ignorant, nationalist, even racist beliefs. They dream of a nostalgic Walmington-on-Sea fantasy, forgetting the real past; people in terrible working conditions, and living in real poverty, with millions in slums with outside toilets and tin baths, plus shorter life expectancy; the many inequalities and prejudices.  Also, Britain was living off of massive debt (around 250% of GDP). Of course, as usual, some were – and still are, living well off the resources and booty, of the then, guaranteed export markets of our shrinking Global Empire (many top Brexiteers). They forget we were the “sick man of Europe” and needed a humiliating record bailout from the IMF, and also the “dirty man of Europe” - with out of control pollution. Being in the EU has helped us achieve the fastest growth in the G7- now the slowest, and a much cleaner/healthier environment. Of course, they, along with the Daily “propaganda” comics, conveniently forget all this as well.  

We helped change the EU to suit ourselves; pushing for - and getting the Free Market, plus many rules & regulations to help us trade freely. Then we desert them; causing a great deal of pain for the people that are trying to help us all - not just the one political ideology.

 Our youth are also effectively trapped here; having the many freedoms of Europe taken away from their future.

How many people know the EU is “not merely an economic union” (very important of course) but is intended to “ensure social progress and seek the constant improvement of the living and working conditions of their peoples”, also; to “promote peace, the values and well-being of its peoples” ensuring food safety, quantity and quality for the people of Europe? Very few I fear. Our ignorance of this, and much more, is embarrassing - but embarrassing is in another letter along with sad.

Clive Trussell.


Reproduced with kind permission from Clive Trussell, contributor to 'The 48%' group on Facebook.
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