Clive Trussell - 11/02/2018

I did say that I would send letters explaining my strong emotional reasons against brexit.

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I did say that I would send letters explaining my strong emotional reasons against brexit.

It's taking longer than I thought, because there are that many reasons it would take a book!

I will endeavour with that - but in the mean time, I thought this information would be useful.

As The Daily Mail, The Sun, The Daily Telegraph, The Sunday Telegraph, The Daily Star and The Daily Express have been filling your heads with all the wonders, and freedoms we will receive, by leaving the largest Free market in the world: which we have used to grow our economy to the best in the G7,- now the worst! I notice nothing – AT ALL! being said about all the losses eating away at this country already, liken to leprosy; as bits fall off and we become outcasts.

Brexiters (dreamers?) have voted to make they, themselves poorer by cutting our trade and the influence we have through the EU. Also, they have agreed to deport research and many important contracts and agencies; from, small groups like our musicians, losing the experience and work in the European Orchestra – going to Belgium; the EBA, (The European Banking Authority), -to Paris, even delaying our access to new medicines by kicking out the EMA ; (European Medicines Agency) - to Amsterdam. Plus, losing any control of the most accurate G.P.S – the Galileo satellite system monitoring... going to Spain. UK aerospace firms and the Royal Aeronautical Society said they are already being excluded from contracts.

Did ANY Media mention all this- before the vote? You’re being treated like mushrooms. It’s happening NOW:  Don’t brexiters care about, such as: taking part in agreements for science; REACH - rules for chemicals; Erasmus – education: Copernicus space programme, flight agreements (Open Skies), aircraft safety (EASA), citizens’ rights, Europol, defence and things like Euratom- safeguards nuclear materials, including radioisotopes for your medical scans and cancer treatment. Did you know this was going to happen? I knew some of it - enough to vote IN. But the full extent is only just starting to surface, and the billionaires brexit papers- for their own reasons, are biased when selecting “News” as usual. The E.U. - it’s not just money we are losing! We need to make sure and have a more educated vote on this- before it’s too late.



Reproduced with kind permission from Clive Trussell, contributor to 'The 48%' group on Facebook.
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